Monday, February 10, 2014

Clique Space(TM). "Medium. Mode. Model. Mind."(TM).

A nice catchphrase encompassing a core notion within the Clique Space concept.

The notion is that Cliques contain a medium and a mode. The medium describes what each Participant is physically capable of doing while the mode describes what the Participants are actually doing within what they're capable of doing. Clearly therefore, the mode is a collection of values which are set against a set of parameters which comprise the medium.

Just how this mechanism ultimately realises Clique Space has been the subject of the POC development. It is ongoing, however much of the mechanism has been worked through. This currently remains confidential because I intend to submit a patent for the mechanism. To summarise, Clique's are models of collaborative exchanges going on between people through a certain physical medium and exhibiting a certain mode. The devices which are actually doing the collaborating siphon their state into Agent Devices which martial, cross reference, and represent this external device state information as Cliques. The Agent Devices may send control information to the external devices depending on changes in intent of each Participant's underlying Identity.

Clique Space is all about representing robust and flexible identity (Identity) in a cyberspatial context. One or more Identities are projected by individuals to others through Clique Spaces: administrative domains which are capable of exchanging information between one another in federations. This federation mechanism is facilitated through Clique activity; Cliques are generally free to move like pseudopodia between Clique Spaces as Participants are created and destroyed because individuals from different Clique Spaces join and leave Cliques.

Hence, Identities convey individual intent. Clique Space looks to me like a neural network, and I believe that the mechanism I have conceived is capable of providing a bridge between neural activity and cognitive function. Furthermore, I believe that Clique Space may well be the centrepiece of what is necessary to manifest an individual in a synthetic medium. Hence, mind.

Hell, I might as well assert that "Medium. Mode. Model. Mind." is a trademark also. So it is.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Response to an Unexpected Email about Clique Space(TM).

Here's a copy of everything but the first two and final paragraphs of an email response I gave to an unexpected email I received this morning:

  • Clique Space is still a concept without a proof, it is currently a Java SE subversion managed code base. I started development in about July 2008, and anticipated (guessed) that two years should be long enough to prove the ideas. So, although I didn't anticipate the proof to take as long as it has, what has kept me going is a steady increase in my confidence when I see solutions evolve around implementation details that underscore the primacy of the underlying data [model].

    I believe that at the moment, I am currently in greatest need of two things: funding for coders and intellectual property protections.

    I have absolutely no money. While that doesn't stop me proving my concept, progress is awfully slow. Alone, I can't offer any payment for the efforts of another person to help on the proof, but I might be able to offer an equity stake so that should the concept actually work, any individual who helped in the development would likewise share in any earnings. If I was offering this equity stake to an individual or a small organisation, I would anticipate this stake to be very small. While I currently own 100% of Clique Space, I would anticipate my direct stake in Clique Space to ultimately be very small if the concept attracts the right attention.

    My stake in the IP, currently at 100%, is also negotiable. I would hope that the implementation might become subject to an OSS licence, and that a self-sustaining community would form to support the subsequent evolution of a proven concept.

    You have probably come to me because you have read my blog, and noticed that while perhaps, I have a great idea, I'm not great at promoting it. I would certainly appreciate help here. As a general rule, I am not one who is given to a jet set life of international hobnobbing; I kind of like my life here in Wollongong.
 It gave me an opportunity to disclose more of my state of progress, so I have quoted it in this entry.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


In month/day/year, a nice date to record a possible milestone.

This day sees the establishment of a rough-hewn version of the observer Media Profile spine; that spine which allows Agent Devices to keep a record of which other Agent Devices know of a particular principle or fact.

The observer mechanism permits collaborating clusters of Agent Devices to send transmitters containing signals that alter the state of an observer Clique. Signal transmitters (transmitters that contain a signal indicating the change in state of a particular principle or the constitution of the principle's observer Clique) can include the addition and removal of observer Participants reflecting which Agent Devices know of a particular subject principle, as well as the addition and removal of facts which the subject contains.

Signal transmitters are propagated in waves through the physical Agent Device cluster (the Agent Collaboration) in accordance with the synaptic channels established between neighbouring Agent Devices. Questions entertaining the nature of this propagation are gaining prominence; every Agent Device within a Clique not only needs to be informed of a change in the Clique's state, but once informed, an Agent Device needs to "back-propagate" the fact that it has been informed to every other member of the principle's observer Clique. Back-propagation is a type of transmission because, like signal transmission, back-propagation must necessarily use the synapse mechanism as this mechanism provides the physical medium of transmission from one Agent Device to another.

Such a mechanism involving back-propagation would afford all agent devices the ability to be continually informed of the operational state of every other Agent Device participating in the observer Clique. Cliques can be reorganised if any participating Agent Device fails to back-propagate a signal.

I fear that I'll be informing the world of too much if I say any more at this point in time. Maybe, perhaps, I'm just weird, and this Clique Space (TM) thing is keeping me suitably distracted.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Maybe something else.

I'm still refraining from talk about the Clique Space(TM) technology, but that does not mean that I cannot ramble about other stuff in relation to Clique Space.

I'm an atheist. I'm an unbeliever; I'll go further and disclose that (unless provoked - I suppose) I'm a pacifist anti-theist. This is no big deal for me, I've not had to negotiate any threat of familial estrangement. My life has been fairly comfortable. I think that, unlike perhaps the US (where I hear most opposition to atheism originate) I have lived in a society where one's own childhood development has not been impeded by persuasive charm of charismatic individuals who might otherwise have been able to scare my immature mind into submissive intellectual corners.

I started my adventure with Clique Space almost a decade ago because, being someone who had been equipped by a childhood where he was relatively free to explore, I felt the common urge to answer what I think are fairly fundamental aspects of existence. These aspects (if there are indeed more than one; I haven't bothered to enumerate them beyond ramblings like the one I am writing here) revolve around such questions like: what is it about the human brain that produces a mind? If a mind can be manifest through a human brain, can it be manifest in something that isn't a human brain? Does the brain perhaps act like a magnifying glass; does it focus a natural property of the universe, and if it might, might that same property be focussed synthetically?

From these questions, I ask myself, what then is being magnified by a human brain? Surely, it has to be the ego: the individual who not only perceives their own existence, but also understands 1: the visceral necessity of defending one's existence against elements that would do the ego harm, and 2: the opportunity of advancement of one's existence through elements that would nourish and protect the ego. In addition to this, I think that it is crucial to recognise the existence of egos other than one's own. If this were not true, then there would be no need to delineate between that which is owned and that which is not owned; the ego would therefore become a redundant artefact, and there would be no evolutionary benefit in having one. In fact, to the point of the existence of other egos and in reference to the second paragraph of this blog entry, a community of theistic egos regularly appears to withhold access by one ego to others as a way of coercing that particular individual to adopt and hold the beliefs of the community. The options for theism's victims are: adherence to a dogma or non-existence, at least to those who you have previously relied on for validation of your existence - other members of the theistic tribe in which the non-believing victim confides.

I couldn't have come up with Clique Space if I were a theist; for if I were, I would have been tied to the notion that the individual is a sacred property for which mere mortals like me have no divine licence to dabble with. Like nearly all of the history of progress, a new technological paradigm can reveal powerful universal maxims that often challenge the boundaries of the theist's world view. I believe that something like Clique Space hasn't been attempted until now because the human species may not have yet felt comfortable approaching and incorporating notions that attempt to see the ego as a universal substance like light or gravity which obeys some collection of governing principles.

Now, turning the criticism onto the opinions of many sceptics and even atheistic ones at that, I have met a few people who profess to be non-believers, who would similarly deny the existence of a mind. I have received the impression that they would dismiss the self as a mere side-effect of neural activity; having nothing to contribute to the individual's existence. I put that this is clearly wrong: if the individual (the self, the ego, even perhaps the soul) did not exist, then the organism in which the individual is manifest would have no reason to defend itself against deleterious forces of this world or to advance itself by capitalising on positive forces. Similarly, an individual that does not recognise themselves, would be incapable of recognising this similar property manifest in the world around them, and would crash through this world to meet its end when it encroached too much upon the space claimed by others - who would of course be similarly ignorant; something I do not observe except in cases where an individual appeared to be mentally deranged in some way.

It appears that a lot about psychopathology is about individuals who have problems recognising the ego either in themselves or in others. Perhaps, if Clique Space is a mechanism that is capable of manifesting an ego, maybe then, a lot about psychopathology could be studied in a Clique Space system. If this were true, what ethical framework would be necessary to keep study of egos manifest by this system from the type of harm that one hominid ego would not subject to another? How could a Clique Space system be sufficiently complex so it could be put into a state which could produce similar symptoms to various psychopathologies, while being as certain as one can be that no ego, possibly manifest by this unstable Clique Space, is enduring the terror of this instability?

Monday, August 5, 2013

Going dormant.

My blog friends...

This will be my last message for a while.

After failing to find the funds to pay the retinue of patent attorneys for the filing of my US patent application, I feel that I will need to keep schtum and not disclose any more detail about the technology evolving around Clique Space. I do this in an attempt to protect my concept, and in the hope that I may be able to refile a future patent application that doesn't include any prior art.

I leave you with this question: in what type of a society must an individual exist when the products of an individual's initiative may be taken from the individual because they don't have enough money to protect these products?

This question effects every individual of this society; not only me.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Previous blog post: Language warning.

I recommend that those who may be offended by the use of strong language might skip my previous blog entry - the entry below or following this one, depending on how you're reading the blog. It only discloses an instance of the severe frustration I feel when I observe idiots who, if they try anything at all, merely try to manipulate me into being a patsy for them; nothing of relevance to Clique Space. If, however, for whatever reason, you like to read a bit of ugly and discordant catharsis in eloquent prose, then please read the next entry.

A future blog post will disclose some information about how to establish a synapse. Considerably more interesting subject matter...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Immersed in a world of morons.

I truly live in a society of idiots. A society says to a child "tell us what's on you mind", then, when a child grows up and finds that there is something in there, finds a society silenced by its own stupidity. No one wants to know what's going on.

I receive a reply by someone after I left an email list that calls itself "Personal Clouds". I left in disgust (I was actually thrown off, but these things coincided closely enough) at the fact that this list appears to be just as moronic as any gathering of morons can be. I sent the letter to ask for some feedback as to whether my revised paper on Clique Space(TM) was going to be published as part of a submission by some of these spotty morons. The letter reads as follows:
  • Owen,

    I'm sorry I didn't respond around the time you sent the paper.

    I read through it a bit, and felt it would work well as a white paper for SSRN and for the Clique Space website, to explain what you are doing.

    I didn't see any clear way to integrate what you were discussing into a more general paper on personal clouds, because it is so focused on your company.

    I hope that helps,
Well, yes it does. It helps me work out that there is no one capable of grasping any idea of any merit. It makes me think that humanity is very inefficient when it actually comes to understanding the contents of any idea; I'm no one special, but still, I get nothing when I try and wave an idea in people's faces for more than five years. The society talks about "innovation" and encouraging its people to be innovative... my story is why people just say "fuck off society you cunts."

Funnily enough, my ideas are focussed on my ideas. My ideas appeared to me relevant to this Personal Clouds list because that's what a Sovereign Clique Space is. More to this, Clique Space provides a perfectly good mechanism to federate the Agent Devices in the Sovereign Clique Spaces of two or more individuals to create federated Clique Spaces which facilitate organisations of indeterminate size.

I have been convinced that everyone is fucked in the head.

I replied to this letter with this:
  • Thanks for the sincere reply.

    Evidently, the Personal Clouds list didn't catch on with my work. Perhaps I'll be remembered when what I believe will be inevitable actually happens, and people start thinking about how the self might be manifest in synthetic environments. Maybe there'll be some interest in what appears on SSRN.

    I'm off to sulk. I'm going to sit in my corner and surround myself with my code until I die. It's a much safer place than causing injury to my ego by trying get my point across to a society full of morons. Some of these morons will probably grow wealthy in the exploitation of Clique Space when the rest catch on. Too bad for me. Don't bother me if recognition is posthumous - I won't care. My ideas will be my property or no one's property.

    Go away now, and tell everyone not to bother me again.
Those who make hay out of an idea like Clique Space will (if I'm not one of them) be fraudulent morons who are bullshitting their way through life in a society of gullible morons.

This society, when one of its number try to present an idea to others, behaves as if one's ideas won't matter. Some in this society promote themselves as being the go-to people when one has ideas that address a certain problem, but even these people can't comprehend. Even when one appeals for help in testing their ideas, this society generally regards the individual with complete contempt. Conclusion: this society is completely full of morons. Morons, morons, everywhere!

You're probably an idiot. Stay away from me.